Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sup dude

Sonar DUDE thanks for commntin
ya i dnt always have a alto of time on the cpu. mainly cuz its the family cpu and there are six ppl here. most of the time im wit hmy friends. or ellen. theres me my nana mom dad lil bro nd my oldr sistr. shes not home much nemore tho. college stuff. i tell u man its realy weird when somone u kno goes to college. they go poof until they need a laundry room or there on break.

yo other people! i see that ppl hav been viewing my profile. leav a coment peopl!

i feel like going to 7/11
mayb ellen will want to meet me theer

Adios, peace out, later



  1. Hi!
    Just thought I would say that. I hadn't had a chance to really look at your blog lately, but you haven't really posted in a while anyway, so I thought I would comment.


  2. HEY! sup dude?! hope you and Ellen are still okay, uhh... and.... nevermind... lost thought right there